Hogwarts Mystery Duel – Discover How To Win in The Game

After a very long wait, your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived. Will the Sorting Hat put you in the Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw? You decide your fate, and you carve out your unique path in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Countless adventures await you in Hogwarts castle.

Whether you’re mastering harry potter duels with Dumbledore, brewing some magical potions with Snape, or traversing through the forests with Hagrid – you get to create your own magical story. Meet new friends, discover the mystery, and learn the Art of Dueling in Hogwarts Mystery.

In most main missions in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you’ll be facing other students or opponents for a harry potter duel. You will have to learn the right choice of actions, which largely depends on the behavior of your opponent. So if you’ve been listening to Dumbledore, you will know the various dueling techniques that will give you an advantage during these missions.

So if you’re ready to start your own adventure in the magical world of Harry Potter, you must learn how to duel effectively and know the various dueling spells to help you win every bewitched battle you face!

Harry Potter Duel – Type Attacks

There are only three attacks when you go to a Hogwarts mystery duel, which is Aggressive, Defensive, and Sneaky. After selecting one of them, remember that you’re not aware of the opponent’s attack type. When you attack your opponent aggressively, you can cause significant damage to them. On the other hand, attacking defensively can both attack your opponent and cause damage, while you cure yourself too.


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Finally, a sneaky attack gives you the opportunity to break your opponent’s defense and you can prepare an attack with a suitable spell. You must remember during Harry Potter duelling that an aggressive attack will break a sneaky attack. Using a defensive attack can block an aggressive attack. And a sneaky attack can break a defensive attack.

Healing Yourself During Battle

If you find yourself with low health, you can heal yourself during battle. Simply choose a defensive attack. If your opponent doesn’t use a sneaky attack, you will have several options to choose from, such as Throw Vial or the Wiggenweld Potion. The latter can be used to heal wounds for two rounds, which is the best and quickest way to restore all health points.

Draw or Tie

If you and the opponents use the same type of interaction and the same set of moves against each other, then it’s called a Draw or a Tie. Both players don’t get the chance to cast their spells, but both will receive a small health regeneration bonus. Draws happen more often than you think, and it’s unavoidable. But it’s a great chance for you to get free healing.

Hogwarts Mystery Duel – Fighting Tips

Look through some of these tips to help you win the Hogwarts duel. See more details and information below this section.

Finding the Right Pattern

One way for you to improve your chances of winning your duels is to know the pattern of your opponent. And there appear to be two kinds of opponents, each with different patterns when it comes to Hogwarts mystery dueling.

The Spammer

In the first part of your duels, if your opponent likes to pick the same stance over and over again, then you might be facing The Spammer. Once you have figured out what stance they like to use, use whatever kind of stance will beat it.


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So if your opponent is always Aggressive, then the stance that can beat it is Defensive. It will increase your chances of winning your duels.

The Cyclic Shifter

The opponents you will face in the latter part of the game will be more challenging. They won’t be using only one stance, but they will alternate between two or all stances. But even these difficult opponents have a pattern, which you can easily find and counter.

Spam Aggressive

One of the easiest ways to win is to take a page from Spammer’s book. It will be easier if you have access to Depulso, which makes every duel easy and effective. So you must choose the Aggressive stance and then pick Depulso. If your health is already at half, you may want to switch to Defensive every once in a while to regain some back. Choose the Wiggenweld potion to give yourself 15 health.

No Need to be Sneaky

Another thing you must remember is to don’t use Sneaky, especially if your opponent has Depulso. That’s because if you hit them with the Sneaky stance and you lose, you risk yourself being hit with the Depulso. It’s currently the most powerful, which deals 17 damage. It’s highly advisable to stay away from the Sneaky stance if you haven’t found out the pattern of your opponent yet.

Harry Potter Duels – Takeaway

Every opponent is different and unique, and it all comes down to how you will throw your spells and pick your stance. Some of the tips we provided above will help you win these duels and become more efficient every time you face them.