How to Play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a fun adventure game for everyone, and it’s not just for hardcore Potterheads. That’s because it is a mix of strategy, adventure, and creativity—making for fair and fantastic gameplay that anyone would enjoy. The game may sound complicated at first glance, but the elements will easily sink in once you begin playing it.

A lot of things can happen in the game. As the player, you take on the role of a first year Hogwarts student who has to navigate his/her way throughout the wizarding world. Like Harry, Hermione, and Ron, you can also meet new friends and people along the way. And if you want to make the most out of this game, take note of the following tips and tricks on how best to play it.


Choosing A Wand

As a witch or wizard, you need a magic wand to cast spells and hexes. To get a wand, you should visit Ollivanders. A friend will guide you to his shop. From there, you will be asked some questions before you will be given a wand. One of the questions is about the disappearance of your brother. Now don’t be confused, because this is just part of the game’s storyline.


The type of wand you will get depends on how you answer the question. If you answer “I was angry”, you will be given the Inflexible Hornbeam Wand. When you answer with “I was determined”, you will get the Blackthorn Wand. Lastly, if you say, “I felt sorry for him”, Ollivanders will give you the Acacia Wand.


Earning and Losing Points

Playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is not just about experiencing the storyline. Your goal is to also win magical duels and quests! To gain more points, you must strive to be a good student in Hogwarts. That means you have to do well in your lessons and classes.

All the main quests must be completed fairly and squarely. In addition, you also have to make smart dialogue choices with your fellow witches and wizards. Aside from that, you have to solve puzzles and mysteries that come along your way!


Winning the House Cup

During your first year at Hogwarts, there’s a lot of pressure to win the ultimate prize—the House Cup. To win the House Cup, your house must accumulate the highest points for that school year. In other words, you have to be very good when it comes to your lessons and spells. Fulfilling tasks or quests can also increase your points. Remember, everything you do will affect your House Points!


How to Play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on PC

If you want to experience the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter on your PC, you can download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery here! This download is free, and the version is compatible for PC play. To get started, just click the “PLAY FOR FREE” button on the homepage banner or just go straight to our download page.